About Us

The Invisible Crown, Inc. coaching process is designed to help participants achieve their personal and professional goals with objective support and guidance. We will provide a forum for establishing goals. We will ask powerful and probing questions and offer differing perspectives , while helping participants visualize the ways to achieve what they want most in their careers and in their lives.

We’ll share simple, yet effective, methodologies that can help with accelerating progress towards academic, business and personal goals. Our process can help break through the barriers, move new projects forward and complete those already started, as well as eliminate ineffective study/work habits that can sabotage success.

We believe a person’s ability and willingness to stretch beyond real or imagined limits to achieve the results they want, become amplified when they have our support system behind them.

Invisible Crown Inc.’s on-going coaching is action-oriented. Your goals are our priority. The on-going support keeps you focused and moving forward. Our partnership and focused work make it easy for you to test and implement the strategies for success.

It doesn't matter what your goals are:

  • Gain personal discovery
  • Identify new approaches to problem solving
  • Get you and your team on track
  • Implement a new initiative or complete an old one
  • Break through to your next level of success
  • Or simply take more control of your live

What my coaching experience includes:

Student Life Coaching


Teacher Training


Parental Workshops


What will the team expect from you?

Make the coaching sessions a priority in your life. When we work with you, we become a team. We will accomplish more together than we could alone. Our sessions are designed to get participants from where they are today to where they want to be. The real work is theirs to do.

What I do as a Coach:

  • Listen actively and openly
  • Ask powerful questions
  • Reflect/mirror back at you
  • Offer differing perspectives
  • Provide structure
  • Assist in setting goals, planning and strategizing
  • Hold you accountable for what you want to achieve
  • Trust you to make your own decisions
  • Show up with your best interests at heart
  • Tell the truth
  • Believe in you and your highest good

I’ll help participants navigate the stormy waters that inevitably occur as they move towards their goals. I’ll hold them accountable for achieving weekly action steps that lead to reaching their goals.

I’ll challenge students to be and do their best in order to get what they want and become who they want to be in the future. The possibilities are truly unlimited.

What I do as a Coach:

  • Be willing to stretch beyond your current comfort zone
  • Be honest and tell me if something isn’t working for you
  • Have fun and enjoy the process